• Whether shipper, carrier, or team member: people first.

    Hyperlux is Revolutionizing Freight Movement through Innovative Partnerships and Cutting-Edge Technology.

Haul with respect.

Hyperlux Logistics operates to build strong and trusted Carrier relationships – loads don’t move without carriers. This strengthens an undervalued link of the supply chain leading to more efficient movements of goods for the Shipper.

Ship with peace of mind.

Hyperlux implements a proprietary blend of technology to ensure product is moved reliably. AI assisted quoting, advanced carrier vetting, and live GPS tracking all build confidence your shipment will go smoothly.


Hyperlux isn’t a traditioanl 3PL. We enhance logistics for both shippers and customers through our proprietary suite of technology.

GPS Tracking
Dedicated PoC
Next Level Vetting
Availble 24/7